How to Salvage a Junk Car for Scrap Metal

There is a distinction that needs to be made about selling scrap metal and selling scrap cars. It is not always appropriate to sell junk cars as scrap metal because they often have more salvage value as a car than their pure scrap metal value. This guide to selling a car for scrap metal will also include how to first research the scrap value of your car, how to remove valuable relisting parts, and how to cut out the remaining valuable scrap metals.

  • Preparing to Sell a Scrap Car

    The preparation of selling a scrap car depends greatly on what you plan on doing to maximize the salvage value of the vehicle. But the first thing you need to do is verify that you have a valid Certificate of Title aka “The Title”. A valid title will show all legitimate sales of the vehicle that were made in-state, and should clearly state the VIN, make/model, etc. Immediately verify that the VIN is the same on the title as is it on the car or truck.

  • Research Scrap Car Market Value

    The value of a scrap car is driven primarily by its value as a working piece of used machinery. If the scrap car or scrap truck runs or even “turns-over”, you can assume immediately that the maximum resale value of the car (with the least amount of risk, shortest inventory turnover, and virtually zero labor) will be resale as a used vehicle. The most reliable source for used car prices is the Kelly Blue Book website. Kelly Blue Book will put an accurate price on the resale value of your scrap car as a vehicle. Now, to check the value of the vehicle for total salvage.

  • Identify & Remove Valuable Spare Parts from the Scrap Car

    Search Ebay for the make and model of the car you are hoping to sell, and filter for the car parts that you believe to be in good working order on your junk car or junk truck. A largely overlook source of revenue for large operations of used car parts are the small cosmetic car parts that can be pulled, sold, & shipped quickly, have zero value as scrap metal, and are easy to verify are in working order. For example: Door handles, Radio knobs, etc… All of these are small cosmetic things that are easy to pull from the vehicle quickly, and that do not affect the weight of the vehicle in any measurable way, but could be very valuable for resale on Ebay or Amazon.

  • Cut Out Valuable Scrap Parts

    Valuable parts can be easily removed without damage, and sold online. The most valuable parts on a junk car include, but are not limited to:

    – Catalytic Converters
    – Rims/Wheels
    – Radio
    – GPS System
    – Fenders
    – Doors
    – Bumpers
    – Batteries
    – Air Conditioning/ Radiator
    – Air bags
    – Windshield Wiper Arms

  • Haul To The Scrap Yard

    Every scrap yard handles car scrap differently. The main thing to remember is that a scrap car is at least as valuable as shred steel. If you cannot haul a car to the scrap yard yourself, call a scrap yard direct to see if they will send somebody to pick the car up for you, or recommend another person who can haul it themselves.


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