E-scrap: a hip way to say “electronic scrap” ie. computers, mp3 players, cell phones. When I go to the scrap yard with a computer, I usual have to sell it as shred. Some yards take e-scrap at 1.25x shred price.
What they dont tell you is that anything you bring in they disassemble and sell piecewise. In other words, they gut it out and sell its parts. Why give a scrapyard that advantage? If you have a pair of pliers and a flathead screwdriver, just take it apart yourself.
For example, you sometimes come across a desktop computer. Now, the shell of the computer is steel, but the inside is full of all types of precious metals. If you sell it as shred, you might get $1. But you could paxil generic brand side effects separate a desktop into its components: hard drive, board, CPU, wire, power supply, RAM, etc.
The CPU of every computer has a little bit of gold in it, and people often try to sell bunches of them on ebay, sometimes  for upwards of $500. The same is true for RAM. Each stick contains small trace amounts of gold.
The hard drives of a computers are mostly cast aluminum, and inside is a little tiny bit more gold and platinum alloy plated discs (because the discs are very shiny they are sold on ebay as well). The power supply is effectively a big coil, and usually can be sold as a motor.
 By harvesting all of these pieces separately, I make over $4 per desktop, not including the CPU’s i sell on Ebay.

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