Scrappers Hall of Fame – October 2011

I’ve been receiving all of your emails, and just wanted to show how awesome you guys have been! Here is our latest entry in the Scrap Metal Junkie Scrapper’s Hall of Fame!
These  are the PKScrappers. You can check out their website at


The last picture of the group is a picture of cerrobond where to buy paroxetine from a doctor’s office. (Roughly a half ton of the stuff) Just reading about cerrobond, it seems like some very heavy stuff! Way to go PK Scrappers!

Our final picture is from Seth B. and is a really great haul!!!

Thanks for the great photos guys!

Hereford Bull June 22, 2014 at 1:49 am

I know your just tring to make a buck.But if you went down the road in PA with a load looking like that you would get a ticket as Long As Your Arm! plus the cops would take the Truck,Trailer and the load to impound then auction it for scrap just to kick ya in the nuttz.”really great haul” for the cops i’d say.
Be safe brother. Its just a load of light iron you got there not worth the trouble or even more HURTING SOMEONE ELSE.Penna is hard on the scrappers and unsafe loads.

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