The #1 Way To Invest In Physical Copper Bullion? Scrap Bright Copper

So, you want to invest in copper bullion, huh? Do it the smartest way possible; buy from your local Scrap Yard.

What bullion customers don’t know, is that most 1oz copper rounds are overpriced by up to 7500%. And here is the worst part:  Copper rounds are barely worth spot price to a real investor! If you are tempted by the ornamentation of the bullion, consider that it is the only reason you are paying a premium.

That’s right; 1 oz copper rounds are basically worthless compared to what you pay for them. Copper is a base metal and its price/value comes primarily from its industrial demand and supply. There is no reasonable “Premium” for pure copper bullion, because copper’s spot value already factors in that it is 100% pure. Wake up! When the “premium” for a metal investment is 10x more than the real bullion, it’s because you are being taken advantage of!

How? Because .999 copper is readily available at every local hardware store! I can literally walk to the corner and buy 20 pounds of copper bullion for cheaper than I could buy 1 pound of 10 dollar, 1 oz rounds. Because .999 pure copper is used everywhere; plumbing, wiring, etc.

For example, The copper wires that run through every wall in your home are all .999 pure. They are regulated, and required to meet these specification by law! Copper plumbing is also .999 pure copper.

I have bought and sold all kinds of copper and I can say that this is the obvious winner over all other types of bullion. There are NO premiums. There are NO shipping costs. There are NO scams. Here it is:

Buy Your Bullion From A Scrap Yard. 

Every legitimate scrap yard in you area is a perfect source of .999 pure copper bullion. How?

Every scrap yard buys “Bright” Copper, and many are willing to sell to investors at spot price.

“Bright Copper”, for all intents and purposes, is the most pure form of copper you can buy. Bright copper is defined as freshly stripped copper wire, and it is always .999 pure. Many small investors, however, are unaware of what everybody in industry already knows: bright copper scrap is the cheapest type of bullion. Other type of copper scrap are also .999 pure; Copper pipes, electrical bus bars, and more.

Do not get tricked into buying copper rounds and copper bars if all you want to do is invest in bullion. They won’t be worth what you paid for them in a SHTF scenario. If you eventually get over a few hundred pounds of copper, the stamping is worth nothing to a prospective buyer. You could get the same value by buying bright copper from a scrap yard for spot price. An investment in scrap copper will track more closely with the market and leave you with something worth its weight. Scrap On!

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