Scrappers Hall of Fame – October 2011

October 3, 2011

I’ve been receiving all of your emails, and just wanted to show how awesome you guys have been! Here is our latest entry in the Scrap Metal Junkie Scrapper’s Hall of Fame! These  are the PKScrappers. You can check out their website at   The last picture of the group is a picture of […]

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How To Scrap A Television – Scrapping a TV

September 28, 2011

It’s amazing how easy it is to make money from things we were about to throw out. (Check out the Scrapper’s Handbook for Scrap Metal Tips). Take, for example, old televisions; They are generally worth less than the scrap metal contained inside of them. So before you send them to your local landfill, pull out the […]

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How To Scrap An Air Conditioning Unit

September 22, 2011

Welcome to ScrapMetalJunkie! The interent’s finest scrap metal recycling resource. This entry in the Scrapper’s Handbook is an overview to recycling an AC unit for the copper, aluminum, and steel scrap value.  Every scrapper’s dream is to find a “jackpot” of metal that is ripe for the picking. If you have any type of experience under […]

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Basic Metals – Scrap Yard Hall of Fame

September 20, 2011

Give a warm round of applause for the first entry in the Scrap Metal Junkie Scrap Yard Hall of Fame, Basic Metals! Learn more about the award here.  Basic Metals is a fast-growing, hard-working scrap metal recycling company out of south-eastern Michigan. You can connect with Basic Metals on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. They’ve also sent […]

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How To Sell an Old Scrap Lawn Mower To A Scrap Yard

September 2, 2011
Thumbnail image for How To Sell an Old Scrap Lawn Mower To A Scrap Yard

Welcome to Scrap Metal Junkie, the ultimate scrap metal recycling resource on the web!  I’ve been getting a lot of suggestions and feedback about the new site, and it looks like everybody really likes it! I’m going to remind my readers to check out the Forum if you have more specific questions! Old lawn mowers and small engines […]

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The End of the Beginning

August 3, 2011

Welcome to the new and improved Scrapping Metal Blog! As you can see, I have taken the liberty of transferring my old “how-to” posts over, and I have officially branding my site: The “how to” section is now known as the Scrappers Handbook. When I started the Scrapping Metal Blog in October of last year, I […]

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June 2011

June 16, 2011

So, it’s been a long time coming, but I finally grabbed some photos to add to the Scrap Metal Show Offs page. If you would like to send in your photo’s, yard tickets, or scrap projects, send them to and they may be included in the July 2011 page! I hope to see this […]

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How To Scrap A Dishwasher

June 1, 2011

Dishwashers are a surprisingly easy appliance to disassemble, especially when compared to things like scrap refrigerators. Check what your yard’s policy is on dishwashers, as many are mostly plastic. For more info on scrapping appliances, check out The Scrap Metal Guide! The first step in determining the value of a dishwasher is to check to see how much of it […]

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8 Incredible Gas Saving Tricks For Scrappers

May 28, 2011

Using a GPS is one way to make your trips more efficient, saving you both time and money! These 8 tips are for those who like to collect scrap metal that has been left out in trash, garbage, dumpsters, skips, ect. (In a few select areas, this is not allowed and could get you a […]

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The Magnet Test

May 17, 2011

The Magnet test is used to distinguish ferrous from non-ferrous metals; or, rather obviously, magnetic metals from non magnetic metals.  I found also, that it is important to have a magnet that works for you! If you need help finding a magnet, I suggest you check these cheap sources of where to find free magnets! Another […]

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