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Basic Metals – Scrap Yard Hall of Fame

Give a warm round of applause for the first entry in the Scrap Metal Junkie Scrap Yard Hall of Fame, Basic Metals! Learn more about the award here

Basic Metals is a fast-growing, hard-working scrap metal recycling company out of south-eastern Michigan. You can connect with Basic Metals on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. They’ve also sent in some cool pictures and video, which you can find below. 

Basic Metals Inc.


June 29, 2006

31 Mary Street, Mount Clemens, MI 48043
57250 Rosell, New Haven, MI 48048

Q. Favorite type of scrap metal, and why?
A. Yellow Brass. It’s a higher valued metal…so that’s always good. But more importantly, the different types of crazy items that come in made out of Yellow Brass always keeps it interesting! We’ve recently gotten everything from a giant brass dolphin, to a 6-foot long brass panther, and even a box full of spent ammo casings. It’s such a wide variety of items, when it comes to Yellow Brass, you never know what you might get!

“I have been a scraper for over 35 years and have been coming to Basic Metals for the past two.  The staff is very friendly, as well as tremendously helpful and has treated me exceptionally well over the past 2 years.”   –  Ray Hiltanen

“I like the service it has provided me over the past two years.” – John Gibbs

Their Message:
Here in Metro Detroit, there are plenty options when choosing a scrap metal yard.  Basic Metals thrives every day to put forth that little something extra to edge our way above the competition.  From our friendly and experienced staff, to our state certified scales…here at Basic we do everything we can to try to make our customer’s recycling experience as easy and worry free as possible.

Familiar faces, a friendly atmosphere, and a level of service that simply can’t be beat keeps our customer’s returning to our doors each day.  With highly competitive prices, and a wide variety of different promotions and specials – Basic Metals is THE scrap yard in Metro Detroit to be at.  We are always holding different sorts of giveaways and raffles, doing a little something extra for our valued customers.  Our current prices are always order generic paxil online available on our pre-recorded messages 24 hours a day by calling our phone line; which means you can bet your bottom dollar that at Basic Metals the scrap in the back of your truck will put more bucks in your pocket than anywhere else!

With two different yards to choose from, we service your needs easily and confidently, regardless of the type of or quantity of scrap metals you have.  Our Mount-Clemens facility specializes in all things non-ferrous.  From scrap wire all the way up to specialty tool steels, we can instantly identify the chemical makeup of your materials by utilizing our Niton XRF Analyzer gun.  With the click of one button, this advanced tool instantly identifies any type of scrap you might have.  Knowing exactly what you have is the first step in making sure you get the highest possible price for your materials!  This yard also has a steel yard, accepting all different grades of ferrous metals.

Focusing on heavy quantities of all types of steel scrap, our New Haven facility is outfitted with a full-size, 80-foot long truck scale capable of weighing in any sort of truck imaginable.  With various excavators, magnet outfitted cranes, and other various heavy equipment, Basic Metals has the capability of handling anything you can throw at us!  Not to be out done, this yard also features a beautiful, newly built non-ferrous division which will expertly sort and purchase all types of alloys and scrap metals.

Specializing in commercial and production scrap, our full assortment of various container sizes makes servicing particular scenarios a breeze.  These containers are always provided rent-free, and our in-house trucking fleet keeps our transportation costs down to a minimum.  With decades of experience in used machinery, as well as a fully outfitted heavy rigging crew – Basic Metals is the only place to call when you have industrial cleanouts or demolition work coming up.

Whether you have an entire shop needing to be cleaned out, or just a bucket of odds and ends from cleaning out your own garage – Basic Metals is absolutely the best source for turning you’re obsolete or unwanted metals into cold, hard cash!



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